How to create my first lococube® project ?

It is very easy to create your first lococube® project using the intuitive graphical programming software miCon-L. In comparision to C programming within Keil MDK or Arduino you don´t have to learn any programming language. To easily get in touch with the lococube® programming please have a closer look at the following video which shows the five essential steps to your project.

My first graphical mini-PLC project

Which Programming Tool should I use for my lococube® project ?

There are three options to program the lococube®.
In any case the software is free-of-charge.

  • Basic programming knowledge -> miCon-L
  • Basic C programming knowledge -> Arduino
  • C programming experience -> KEIL MDK

What can I do with miCon-L ?

The intuitive graphical Programming Suite miCon-L opens up a variety of options for both beginners and professional users achieving the shortes possible time-to-market for your project.
The miCon-L forum provides all information you need to get fast and easily in touch with this outstanding software tool which is preinstalled on all BARTH® lococube®s.

Can I directly connect a Stepper Motor to a lococube®?

Yes, it is possible to directly connect an unipolar Stepper Motor (e.g. RS Art. No. 191-8299) to a STG-8xx lococube®. Simply write your program in miCon-L, C-Code or within the Arduino IDE to get full control of the stepper motor. So you get an easy an cheap solution for small Motion & Control Applications. A set of free demo programs are available HERE.

Does the lococube® feature a serial interface ?

Each STG-8xx lococube® features a serial TTL-232 Port (3.3V). This port allows usage as classical RS-232 interface when C Programming is used. You only need a hub to change TTL to RS-232 voltage level. Using the miCon-L Software Suite the serial interface is reserved for software communication only.

Is it possible to integrate my lococube® in LabView?

Several of our customers use a lococube® in combination with LabView. It is very easy to integrate your lococube® within LabView using the CAN communication interface. Simply use a CAN/USB adapter to interface the lococube® to your PC. The CAN protocol should contain the parameters and values to be shared with the LabView software.

What´s the maximum CAN wiring cable lenght ?

1 Mbit/s -> 25 m
800 kbit/s -> 50 m
500 kbit/s -> 100 m
250 kbit/s -> 250 m
125 kbit/s -> 500 m
50 kbit/s -> 1000 m

How to fasten my lococube®?

There are four options to mount or fasten a lococube®.
The related products can be found here.
You can fasten the lococube®:

Why does some lococube®s feature IrDA ?

The lococube® models supporting IrDA provide a reliable wireless infrared interface reading out and setting user-defined parameter from the internal memory. The Parameter Programmer PG-65 is the tool of choice to communicate with the IrDA lococube® models.

Please also have a look at the following article:

Wireless Communications in Industrial Environment

What kind of connector type is used with the lococube®?

The following connector type is used:
Manufacturer: Phoenix Contact
Pitch: 3.5mm

Depending on the type of lococube® the connectors are green or black colored.

Why do some lococube®s use green and others black connectors ?

The PIC18® based lococube®s use green connectors. All ARM® Cortex® Models use black connectors. Connector type and pitch are always the same.

Why there is a voltage at a low-stated output ?

Due to a small positive leakage current an output without any load will let you measure a voltage. A slight load to ground (e.g. 1mA) will cause a zero voltage at any low-stated output.

STG-600: How is the connection layout of the USB-Interface ?

The STG-600´s USB interface is connected as followed (from left to right):

1 = +5VDC
2 = D+
3 = D-
4 = GND

Why do I get an error message switching to Open Source programming ?

The graphical programmable STG-8xx series are factory programmed using a readout protection. Switching to Open Source programming the readout protection has to be deactivated. The following document shows the steps to reset the readout protecting to ensure Open Source programming.

Reset Readout Protection

How to find the lococube® mini-PLC I need ?

To find the machting lococube® mini-PLC for your application please use the following Link.
If you are looking for a customer-tailored mini-PLC, we produce your individual mini-PLC starting from 50 pcs. within only 8 weeks delivery time.

lococube® getstarted!