Mini-PLC realizes lowest NOx emissions by SCR hardware

By using a customized BARTH® Mini-PLC STG-851 and the PG-65 Programmer to control the Dr Pley SCR System, the real-driving-emissions of an Audi A3 2.0 TDI (EURO 5) have been successfully reduced to the NOx EURO 6d limit of 80mg/km. Ready for a hardware retro-fit of passenger vehicles.

Production of BARTH® Mini-PLCs

Inside view in development, production and quality test of BARTH® Mini-PLCs.

STG-800 Roboter Potting Application

The collaborative Robot at BARTH® takes Mini-PLC housings from a tray, verifies the correct position of the PCB and moves the complete part to the mixing unit of a 2k-metering machine. The interfacing between robot controller and metering machine ensures via CAN bus using one Mini-PLC STG-800 at each end.

STG-810 and PG-65 Sales Demo Model RS Components

The STG-810 Demo Model was developed and manufactured for RS Components to support the sales stuff presenting the popular Mini-PLC series powered by ARM® Cortex®.

STG-820 Sound Generation via analog Output

This application shows a BARTH® Mini-PLC STG-820 with analog output generating audiostreams which are internally stored in the Mini-PLCs memory. A second STG-800 ensures the audio file slection via CAN bus.
One BARTH® customer has successfully installed these products within a public address system (PA) combined with a BOSE® Soundprocessor.

PG-65 controls STG-810 with PWM Output
STG-500 Welding Tractor

This application shows a BARTH® Mini-PLC STG-500 controlling a battery-powered welding tractor from the company iweld-systems.